Free Website Tools is a free webmaster resources site where you can find lots of good information about creating websites, we offer our visitors the opportunity to download free web templates, HTML layouts. Plus you can even use our cool webmaster tool scripts and geneartors.
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Download Template Download Template
Download Template Download Template
Webmaster Tools & Resources
free web tools  Online Bookmark Maker   free web tools  Domain Availabilty Checker
Use this simple tool to generate a basic bookmark script for your website.   Find out if a domain name is available by using this easy to use domain checker.
free web tools  HTML Table Generator   free web tools  IP Location Tool
Create HTML tables within seconds by using this great simple tool.   Find out the location of a IP address by using this simple IP location tool.
free web tools  Meta Tag Generator   free web tools  Password Generator
Create metatags for your website within a few seconds by using our metatag tool.   Create a random password by using our simple password generator.
free web tools  Pop Under Script   free web tools  Random Quote Maker
Add a cool popunder script to your website and display ads.   Place some random quotes within your web pages by adding this quote script.
free web tools  Reverse IP Tool   free web tools  Robots Text Generator
Use this free webmaster tool to reverse any IP address information.   Use this simple web tool to create a robots.txt file for your website.
free web tools  Whats My IP   free web tools  Whois Checker
When creating websites you may need to know what your IP address is.   Use this free tool to find out all the information regarding a domain name.
free web tools  Favicon Generator   free web tools  No Right Click Script
Add a favicon to your website, just use our free favicon generator.   Stop your visitors from using the right click and viewing your source code.
free web tools  Flashing Status Bar Text   free web tools  Server Status Tool
Add this cool script to your website to make your status bar text flash..   Use this free webmaster tool to see if we can connect to your website.
free web tools  Countdown Redirect   free web tools  MD5 Encryption Tool
Use this tool to generate a simple JavaScript countdown redirect script.   Use this free MD5 encryption tools to encrypt your passwords and so on.
iPage Training   Web Hosting Uptime
Follow along in these easy tutorial videos to setup your website fast.   Check the uptime of various popular hosts. Updated every 15 minutes.